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    GCC Guideline


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    Health Minister’s Council Date :……………

    FOR Our Ref…………

    Cooperation Council states


    Schedule (1)

    Guidelines Of Medical Tests Required for Foreign Manpower :-

    Firstly History Of Any Significant Past Illness:-

    A) Nervous System

    Applicant should not be suffering from any previous nervous or neurological disorders at any period during his life time, such as epilepsy, melancholia or any other similar diseases. He should also be free from any clinical signs symptoms or that indicate the existence of any nervous or neurological diseases.

    B) Allergy

    Applicant should be free from all types of allergic diseases or the existence of clinical

    Symptoms or illness indicating suffering there from.

    Secondly : Medical Examination

    a) Visual Acquity

    visual acquity should be suitable for the job the applicant will perform, bearing in consideration that jobs which require sharp vision such as the case for drivers should not be less than 6/6 or 6/9 either with or without eye-glasses, in addition to colour Differentiation and that the two eye-vision and visual field should be quite normal should no be suffering from any apparent squint in addition to near vision efficiency. Applicant should not be suffering from contagious eye diseases such as (granular conjunctivitis, Purulent conjunctivitis, trachoma) and other eye diseases that require prolonged medical treatment or surgical such as ( cataracts and glaucoma)

    b) Hearing

    Applicant’s hearing power should be normal and should not be suffering from any infections in the middle or innerear.


    l-a Blood Pressure

    should be within normal limits

    l-b heart

    heart beatings must be regular and consistent

    l-c Lungs :

    Applicant should not be suffering from bronchial asthma or any other lung diseases.

    Chest X-ray should indicate that the applicant is free from tuber Culosis or any signs indicating the existence of fibrosis. Calcifications. Bronchiectasis or tumor.

    l-d Abdomen :

    Applicant should be free from any type of hernias ( whether umbilical or inguinal) or ascites. Provided that the internal organs should be healthy and not enlarged and the digestive system should be safe from any tumors.

    l-e Extrimities:

    Extrimities should be tree from any congenital or pathological abnormalities and legs should be tree from varies and the vertebral coloumn should also be tree from any abnormalities or disk prolapse.

    l-f Skin :

    Applicant should be free from leprotic pathological manifestations and other chronic skin diseases such as (Eczema and psoriasis) or any other infectious skin diseases such as (chronic tinea, other fungal skin infections and scabies).

    2) OTHERS

    2-a Applicant should be free from all rheumatic diseases, lymphoid glands and thyroid gland enlargement or any apparent tumors.

    2-b In case of females : Applicant should not be pregnant and should be free from all types of vaginal bleeding, uterine prolapse and breast tumors.


    Applicant should be free from clinical symptoms and signs for any venereal disease clinically and laboratory (TPHA or VDRL or any other specific type of analysis).

    Thirdly : Laboratory Investigations

    1. Urine :

    A complete urine analysis shall be made, on condition that its results should be within the normal limits, provided that it should not contain sugar, albumin or bilharzia in endemic areas.

    2. Stool :

    An analysis should be made for the stool for any gastro intestinal parasites. A stool culture should be done in order to ascertain that it does not include salmonella, shigella and cholera(in endemic areas).

    1. Blood :

    3-a A complete blood picture shall be made on condition that the results should be within the normal limits, and that hemoglobin percent should not be less than 10g/100ml.

    3-b A film shall be taken for malaria to make sure that it does not exist.

    3-c Necessary analysis shall be carried out so as to know the percentage of sugar in blood, which should not exceed the normal level.

    4. Serology should include :

    a- Ascertaining that applicant is not suffering from HIV infection through Elisa test and results of this test must be “ Non reactive:.

    b- HBsAg and Anti-HCV results should be “Negative”.

    c- Liver functions test: SGPT & SGOT results should be within normal averages.

    d- Kidney function test (Creatinine) results should be within normal overages.

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